Golf bunker shots made easy with the Swing Alignment Towel

When using the Swing Alignment Towel for bunker play I recommend using E3 or F4. Experiment with both to see what works best for you. My personal preference is also to have neutral body alignment, not open, whilst encouraging a neutral club path through impact which will result in the ball having pure backspin with no axis tilt. Simply align the towel in the direction of your landing spot.

In this video the feet are placed at F and the ball is at +4. Placing the feet as wide as you would with a driver gives you a nice stable base in the sand. Because your wedge has a shorter shaft than your driver, you have to ‘squat’ a little bit. This lowers your centre of gravity and improves that stability. The ball being so far forward in your stance ensures that you are hitting it on the upswing. The low point of your bunker shot swing is going to be an inch or two before the ball. This is why you need to hit the sand before the ball when you hit a bunker shot.

What does “neutral body alignment” mean

The phrase “neutral body alignment” simply means that your hips and shoulders and feet are in line with your target. The target for this type of shot is the place on the green that you want to land the ball. You will still get plenty of spin on the ball. But, because your body alignment is in line with the chose target, you won’t ‘slice’ across the ball – think of how you would slice the ball in a tennis or table tennis shot. This means that the ball when it lands will continue on it’s path, rather than taking a swerve to the right.

Follow this simple practice routine and you find that golf bunker shots are made easy.

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golf bunker shots made easy

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