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Finland Jumbo Putter Grip

The Finland Jumbo Putter Grip is the perfect golf grip to show off your national pride. Includes free grip tape.


  • Matching magnetic ball marker
  • 2 strips of double-sided fixing tape


  • Core Size:.58 inches
  • Grip weight: 110 grammes
  • Style: Oversize Pistol

It’s really easy to upgrade to the Finland Jumbo Putter Grip. If you have never changed a grip on your golf clubs, fear not. It really isn’t difficult. And the great thing is, there are loads of easy to follow videos on YouTube. We have included a video here just to show you how easy it is to replace a grip. I have done a few myself now, and here are my top tips:

Top tips to replacing a golf grip

  1. Make sure you have everything you need, ready to use before you start.
  2. You will need a sharp craft knife, some white spirit, a washing up bowl and a tea-towel or golf towel.. Yep – really, that’s all you need.
  3. Remove the old grip by cutting down the length of the grip. Make sure to cut away from your body.
  4. Peel back the old putter grip and throw away.
  5. Now scrape off the old grip tape from the putter shaft.
  6. Once all the old tape is removed, use a little bit of white spirit to remove all the old tape glue.
  7. Now the putter shaft is nice and clean, it’s ready for the new grip tape.
  8. Double check the length of the grip against the shaft. Peel back one side of the double-sided tape and fix it to the shaft – making sure that the tape won’t appear below the bottom of the grip once it’s in place.
  9. Wrap the tape round the back of the putter shaft. Do one side first, so that the second side can overlap and leave a smooth seam finish.
  10. Now peel off the the other side of the double sided tape.
  11. This next bit is the tricky part, and the most important. Turn the putter grip upside down, put your finger over the little hole at the top of the putter grip and carefully pour some white spirit into the putter grip.
  12. Shake the putter grip up and down, to coat the whole of the inside with white spirit.
  13. Now carefully pour the white spirit from inside the putter grip over the putter grip tape. This why you need a bowl – to catch all the white spirit.
  14. Now, put the putter grip onto the putter shaft and use the white spirit lubrication to quickly and gently ease the grip down on to the club.
  15. Now align the grip on the shaft so that it sits perfectly for you.

That’s it. You are all done. You just need to wait for the white spirit to evaporate and for the putter grip tape to bond with the inside of the grip.

Easy, wasn’t it? Now you can enjoy your Finland Jumbo Putter Grip with pride, knowing that you regripped your putter yourself.