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Green Castle Bamboo Golf Tee 25mm

20 tees per box

These tees have been designed using 100% bamboo from sustainable sources. The ink used to print on the tees is fully biodegradable. Bamboo is naturally strong and flexible meaning less snaps!

Green Castle Bamboo Golf Tee 25mm

  • No colour no problem, we removed excess waste printing colour which means our tees have a natural finish. But don’t worry, you won’t forget what size you’re using.
  • Plastic Free
  • Hard wearing
  • Sustainably sourced
  • 100% bamboo

Why use a Bamboo Golf tee?

Bamboo can grow 1000 times faster than common hardwoods like oak – up to 3.5ft a day without the use of harmful fertilisers. It’s also a grass which means it’s more flexible and less likely to snap. One of the worlds fastest growing natural resources.

By only printing the colour on our tees we save waste and excess ink as well as allowing the tees to be reused if someone happens to lose it and another person finds it.

At Babouche! Golf we have been using bamboo golf tees for 3 years. We use them on the course and we pop a few in each order as a little thank you – and hopefully you will show them to your mates on the golf course – a little bit of subtle advertising! I have been looking to source bamboo tees that we can offer all our customers as a product.