David Long Interview

Click on the video to watch the David Long interview by Leon Warner. Leon is probably one of the most prolific business networkers that I have had the pleasure to meet, and one of the nicest.

The video tells the story of how I got started on this journey of becoming a golf accessory manufacturer, creating a business that makes products here in the UK – an achievement that I am very proud off.

As I tell everyone, I had the idea for Babouche Golf when I was on holiday in Marrakech in November 2018. When I was walking around the medina I was struck by the artisan skills on display. Especially a young man called Khalid, who owns a handbag shop. He doesn’t just sell handbags, he and his team make them. I watched him craft a bag from raw material and the quality was excellent.

Later that same afternoon, I was sat by the pool at my hotel and I couldn’t stop thinking about the craftsmanship. A couple of glasses of beer later, and I had the idea to commission some leather head covers.

When I asked Khalid to make me some head covers, I think he thought I was mad! He said “you want leather slippers for golf clubs?” – and that’s how I got the name for the business.

Babouche is the name given to the leather slippers made in Morocco, that you can see just about everywhere.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I hope you like the David Long interview and I really hope you like my golf head covers.

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