How to practice bunker shots with a golf towel

Can you really practice bunker shots with a golf towel? I have just discovered this great video clip by Brian Fitzgerald aka “The Golf Doctor” who can be found at In this video Brian shows how you can use… Read More

The golf towel drill

The golf towel drill is a really popular practice technique designed to synchronise your body and your arms. Golfing legends from Ben Hogan to Sir Nick Faldo have used this technique to improve their striking technique. The key is not… Read More

Golf bunker shots made easy

Golf bunker shots made easy with the Swing Alignment Towel When using the Swing Alignment Towel for bunker play I recommend using E3 or F4. Experiment with both to see what works best for you. My personal preference is also… Read More

10 golf things to look forward to in 2020

Golf in 2020 is looking really exciting. There is so much going on: the majors; it’s an Olympics year; it’s Ryder Cup year and then there is all the important stuff around my own game and the ongoing development of… Read More

Funky golf towels

Funky golf towels to put some colour in your golf game At Babouche! Golf we got bored of the same old golf towels, so we decided to launch our own range of funky golf towels. Just like with our Moroccan… Read More

Babouche! is 1 year old

In October 2017 I was in Marrakech on holiday and was blown away by the craftmanship on display in the medina. That’s when I decided to make leather head covers.