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Gapping Chart

We created the Club Yardage Chart as an easy to use golf club gapping chart accessory to go along with our revolutionary Swing Alignment Towel.

The scorecard styled golf club gapping chart fits neatly in your scorecard holder or tucked in the back of your course planner. It’s always easily accessible and won’t slow down your game.

To get the most from the club yardage chart, simply set up some time at the driving range, ideally one that is equipped with Top Tracer style technology – you can find your nearest one here: Top Tracer driving ranges

You can buy the Club Yardage Chart on it’s own for £1 inc P&P or with the Swing Alignment Towel

The ball tracking tech shows your key stats for each club in your bag – Carry Distance and Total Distance. All you need to do is simply write them on the club yardage chart. Now you know what club to use for each shot when out on the course.

This simple memory aid will help you to make the right decisions in terms of club selection. Of course you will need to factor in other elements such as wind direction, target above or below you, air temparature etc etc. But by recording your average distances with each club, you stand a much better chance of executing the right shot.

Swing Alignment Towel

You will notice that there are two extra columns on the club yardage chart. These are the settings that you will record when using the Swing Alignment Towel as a practice aid.

Feet Position (Letters) – with each of your clubs, the width of your stance will change. For example, when using your driver, you will have a wider stance (my toes are at position F). When you use a 6 iron (my toes are at position D).

Ball Position (Numbers) – with each shot, the position of the ball in your stance will change. When using a driver, the ball should be just inside your forward heel (I place the ball at position +5). When I play a 6 iron, I have the ball at position +1)

The Alignment Towel really helps you to build muscle memory in your practice routine. So you can eliminate a big cause of poor shot making by getting your stance and ball postion correct. Now your shoulders, feet and club-face are set-up on the right swing path. And you can now focus on other elements of your swing. The rest is up to you!

And YES, I know we have added the Putter at the bottom of the chart. And NO, I don’t expect you to be measuring carry distance etc for your Putter. We included this club on the chart because the Club Yardage Chart is designed to be used in conjunction with the Swing Alignment Towel and therefore, you might want to be recording your best set-up for feet and ball position with the help of the towel.

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