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David Long - founder of Babouche! GolfBabouche! Golf is putting colour back into golf game, one head cover or towel at a time. Thank you for checking out our beautiful head covers, golf towels and accessories – made right here in the UK. Please check out the reviews to see why we score 4.9 out 5 stars.

David Long – founder Babouche! Golf



The club yardage chart is an easy to use scorecard that helps you understand your golf club yardages and golf club gapping and shoot lower scores.

“How far do you hit your 7 iron” is a question that always seems to pop-up on golf forums.

But, it does not matter how far you hit it compared to your mates, or someone on Facebook. What matters is that you know how far you hit your 7 iron. And you know how to hit the same distance, or close to that distance, everytime. To start with, we all have different physiques, we are different ages and abilities.

My 7 iron is probably stronger, or weaker, than yours. What that means is the degree of loft is not the same. The more upright the club, it’s a stronger loft, the less upright, the weaker the loft.

This club yardage chart is a simple way to keep a record of your distances for each shot. Broken down by Carry and Total distances. This will help you make better shot decisions out on the course, and lower your scores.

You can use the club yardage chart with our Swing Alignment Towel to also practice the best stance for each club. If you know how wide your set-up for each shot should be, and where to place the ball in your stance, you will hit more consistent shots.

Swing Alignment Towel

You might also want to check out the Golf Swing Alignment Towel – see Related Items below this listing. The Swing Alignment Towel ensures golfers who are serious about improvement are repeating key fundamental positions and more during their practice sessions, including:

  • Set-up control for every club & shot type
  • Consistent stance width options
  • Clubface, shaft & body alignment
  • Correct ball position repetition
  • Distance from ball measurements
  • Putting stroke accuracy & length control
  • Green reading and speed drills
  • Fun and competitive putting games


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