Bespoke letters on head covers

I often get asked if we can add numbers and letters to head covers. The answer is of course a resounding ‘Yes we can!’

You can choose to add upto two extra characters – numbers or letters. Here are a couple of examples.

Add numbers and letters to head covers

The first example was a bespoke head cover we made for a golf pro who wanted to surprise one of their sponsors. So they colours and initials were all relevant to this particular head cover. Such a compliment when a tour pro orders a head cover.

Add numbers and letters to head covers

The second example is (weirdly enough) another order from a golf pro (club not tour) who wanted a bespoke set in this gorgeous Tobacco colour, with the stripes and numbers in the same colour. I think it looks really classy – don’t you?

If you want to add numbers and letters to head covers, just add a note when placing the order and we will make it up for. Delivery will take just a couple of days extra.

This is just one of the Bespoke Design services that we offer. You can choose to add numbers and letter to our standard head covers, or you can choose to totally customise a head cover by choosing the colour of the fabric, the stitiching colour and the lining colour.

When it comes to custom head covers – unlike all the rest, we offer a minimum order quantity of just 1 head cover. So if you just want to choose a unique colour palette for your head cover, or add your favourite photo to a head cover or just promote your own business, let us turn your dreams in to a stunning one-of-a-kind custom head cover.

Our custom head covers are hand made in the UK, using faux leather and will add a splash of colour to your golf game.

Design your own bespoke head cover

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