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Babouche Golf is all about high quality golf head covers, towels and other accessories. My aim is to put colour back into your golf game, one head cover or towel at a time.
It all started in late 2017 when I took my 2 teenage daughters on holiday to Marrakech. It wasn’t long after my beautiful, amazing wife had passed away following her battle with cancer. We needed to regroup and start to rebuild our lives, and I needed to find another source of income as I wanted to be able to work from home so I could look after my girls.
An old friend of mine who lives in Marrakech treated me and my girls to a wonderful rooftop lunch and a tour of the medina. She introduced me to a lovely guy called Khalid, who was making leather handbags for her business, and it got me thinking.
I was amazed by the quality of craftsmanship and range of artisan skills on display in the medina. I was really taken by the beautiful leather slippers – called babouche in Moroccan Arabic.
Later that afternoon I was sat by the pool thinking about what I had seen, and I realised that with all the leatherwork on display, I hadn’t seen any golf head covers.
So, I contacted Khalid and asked if he could make me some head covers. When I described what I wanted, he replied: “you want to make leather slippers for golf clubs?” “Yes” I replied – “that’s exactly what they are.”
And that’s how the name came about – Babouche!
That was the birth of Babouche! Golf.
In the spring of 2018, I launched our first range – handmade Moroccan leather head covers.
Golfers loved the quality. Soon after I launched, golfers started asking for other styles and patterns. That’s when I realised that I needed to set up a workshop in the UK. Now all our stitched items are made in the UK.
I want to bring manufacturing back to the UK 🇬🇧. It might cost more to make than in the far east, but the quality is second to none.
Winning the Feefo Platinum award 🏆 (voted for by our customers) for 3 years is proof of this.
We use a high-quality faux leather, to give that luxury feel, but at an affordable price for the everyday golfer. It also means that we can create some really funky patterns, like the Sugar Skull, camouflage and tropical flowers designs that we have become known for.
Our head covers won’t make you a better golfer. But they will turn your ordinary looking golf bag into a thing of beauty, to be admired by everyone on the course – slight exaggeration, but you get the point 😉
Over the last few years, 1000’s of golfers have put some colour in their game by adding one of our funky golf towels or head covers. Feeling good about your golf gear makes your feel great about your golf game, and that can only help you shoot lower scores. (🧑‍🔬 not scientifically proven)
My name is David, and yes I’m the guy who will pick, pack and drop off your order at the post office. I love playing golf and talking golf and making great golf gear.
Thanks for reading this far.
🇬🇧 Made in the UK in our own workshop
✂️ High quality faux leather
🐑 Super soft luxury felt lining
💖 Unique designs
🖍 Option to design your own head covers
🏆 Award winning products
📦 Ships within 24 hours
💯 100% money back guarantee

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