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Why use a Bamboo Golf tee?

It’s a question that I asked myself when I was first approached by James, the founder of The Bigger Ball. He kindly offered to send me some bamboo tees when he heard that I was organising to play 101 holes in one day, for charity. Here is the story behind why I decided to stock their complete range of golf tees.


I chose to use the Pink castle tee for my drives – and after 84 tee shots, I was still using the same tee.

So, for me durability was the first reason why I decided to switch to bamboo tees. Who wants to be constantly buying golf tees, if a bamboo tee lasts that long!

Good for the planet

But James also told me about the best benefit of a bamboo tee – it’s so environmentally friendly. I haven’t used plastic tees since I was a junior 40+ years ago – but even wooden tees come at a price to the environment.

Thankfully golfers around the world, and there are over 60 million of us, are beginning to realise that a plastic is not great. If you lose it, it will take 100’s of years to decompose. In the meantime it’s going to do damage to the wildlife, and the environment. And green keepers hate them as they can damage the blades of the mowers.

Bamboo golf tees are the answer. Because bamboo is a grass, it can grow 1000 times faster than common hardwoods like oak – up to 3.5ft a day without the use of harmful fertilisers. Because it’s a grass it’s more flexible than a wooden tee and less likely to snap (remember my 84 drives with the same tee?).

So after that long long day of golf back in 2021 I was hooked.

Funky design

I really liked the unique design with the quirky use of coloured text. I think it’s the sort of thing we would do, if we had the time to think about. So, we are supporting another British golf start-up business by offering you these bamboo golf tees direct on our website. I hope you like them, and that you make the change from plastic or hard wood tees to bamboo tees. As a slightly bigger retail brand once said “every little helps”.

Complete range

At babouche! golf we are delighted to offer all 8 bamboo tee sizes, from the oh so little 25mm green tee up to the incredibly long 83mm bamboo tee for those who like to tee it high. You can shop the whole range – just click on the photo:

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