striped can head cover

Our Start-up Story: How We Began Making Striped Can Head Covers

The Can head cover is our original shape. I love the timeless appeal of the simple shape. Plus, as we were new to making head covers, it is a relatively easy deisgn to get right and make to a high quality. Two things that are big pluses for a start-up business that wants to offer well made, high-quality golf gear.

Our first head covers were a single colour and we made them in about 14 colours.

striped can head cover

I quickly noticed that the more colourful ones: Pistachio, Scarlet, Pink, Purple etc were selling the fastest, and that is when I realised that we should focus on colourful designs. I kind of knew that was what I wanted to do, but seeing customers actually chose those colours over the more ordinary black and dark blues made up my mind that I had found our area to focus on.

So, what do striped tees have to do with our Striped Can head cover?

I saw these tees one evening when googling in front of the TV one evening, looking for inspiration for new patterns and designs for our head covers and towels. I realy loved the style of the stripes. They remind me of varsity colours and college scarfs. It got me thinking, could we do something similar with a head cover. And that is how the Striped Can design was born.

The Striped Can is available in our six most popular colour options (see the picture). But did you know that we also offer a bespoke service, for just £2 more you can choose whatever colour panel you fancy, and whatever lining colour you like.

We have 15 outer colours to choose from, and 16 soft felt lining colours to choose from – which by my reckoning, equates to well over 10,000,000 colour combinations

You can view our striped head cover range here:

You can deisgn your bespoke striped can head cover here



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