LIV golfers booed at The Open – was it right?

I ran a poll on LinkedIn and the results were amazing. Read on to see what golfers think.

So, last Thursday I turned on my iPad at breakfast to catch up with the early news from the 150th Open and was amazed to see that LIV golfer Ian Poulter was actually booed on the 1st tee at The Open. Maybe he was booed because of his appalling tee-shot? Has anyone ever been so close to the out of bounds on the left on what is called the widest fairway in golf? If you check out our Swilken Bridge head cover, I think you can see the fence post that he was next to 😉

Anyway, I didn’t think much of it, until I noticed that other LIV golfers were getting booed. I don’t agree with it, do you? So, I ran a poll on LinkedIn to ask my 15,000+ followers there what they thought. You can check out the LIV golfers booed at The Open poll stats here. LinkedIn Poll

And the results are a resounding 80% of voters disagree with booing the LIV golfers. But what I find really interesting is the amount of PGA pro golfers and golf industry execs who voted in the 20% who think it was right to boo the LIV golfers.

I am also intrigued by those respondents who cited the 9-11 Families and the impact that LIV golf has on them. And yes, that is an interesting take. But let’s not forget that Jay Monahan personally signed the 30+ sanction releases for PGA Tour players to play in the LIV backed event in Saudi Arabia back in February. Only when the LIV Tour became a reality did he decide to play that card! And the families of 9-11 haven’t voiced concerns over the ladies tours involvement in Saudi funded tournaments. Weird huh? Definitely a case of the media kicking up a storm.

As I write this, my Facebook feed is awash with rumours that Cameron Smith will be the next to switch to the LIV Tour and that Henrik Stenson may be about to relinquish his Ryder Cup captaincy and sign to the LIV Tour.

What is certain, this story and golf civil war isn’t over yet, it has just got started!


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