How I helped a fellow golfer make £20,000 in the space of 2 holes!

I’m lucky, I play a lot of golf, and not only at weekends. In fact, I often play twice a week and then at weekends as well.

How do I do that? Well, as a business owner who loves to play golf – you can imagine how excited I was to discover FORE Business way back in 2014. FORE Business is a business networking organisation. We meet in groups all over the UK, and in the last few months, groups have been launched in Ireland, Spain and the USA.

But how did I help another member make £20,000 while playing two par 4s?

Whenever I play at a FORE Business event, I like to ask my fourball partners a simple question. “How can I help your business? What burning issues do you have that I might know someone who could help?”

Last autumn I was playing at the amazing Frilford Heath in the regular monthly networking event, and after a few holes I asked that question of my playing partners whilst we stood on the tee. One guy didn’t respond immediately, but, after we hit our tee shots we set off down the fairway, and he opened up to me about a specific problem.

It turned out that he was owed a large sum of money from another company, and he didn’t know how to go about getting his monies. He was embarrassed by the situation as he thought this suggested he was bad at business.

Well, it turns out that I know another FORE Business member who had successfully resolved a similar issue. So, I sent my friend a text message and asked him how he did it. I sent a text rather than making a call because I respected my playing partners desire to keep things between ourselves (as demonstrated by his reticence to openly discuss his predicament in front of the rest of the fourball).

Within minutes I had the answer, and a recommendation of another FORE Business member based in another part of the country who could help.

On the next tee I quietly shared this information and texted the contact details over.

As you can imagine, my playing partner was amazed and chuffed to bits to get some help so quickly. As we set off down the next fairway, he was already on the phone to the specialist debt collector. Normally I don’t like people making calls on the golf course, but I figured that I should make an exception for such an important call as this!

By the time we were putting out on the green, he was all smiles as he had now shared his burden with an expert who was already putting in motion the steps to recovering all that cash.

And that, for me, is the beauty and value of being part of the world’s largest golf networking organisation. You can share ideas, and challenges, and you just know that another member, somewhere in the network has the answer.

For more information on how you could join me for a free round of golf at one of over 90 courses in the UK, and connect with over 1800 business owners who could save you money, or make you money. just message me.

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