#ebay doers award for babouche!

Lovely write up about me and Babouche! and the award I won in September from eBay #ebaydoers in The Guardian on Saturday 27th October.

#ebaydoers award for Babouche!

Here is what the Guardian wrote about me:

A trip to Marrakech inspired Long to create his range of golfing accessories. After commissioning a leather maker in the souks to produce a cover him, he brought it back to his home course. “Everyone loved that it was nothing like the branded covers on the market” he says. He now stocks 22 styles and sees ebay as the ideal platform for scaling up. “The scheme has given me the impetus to give this everything, because it’s not a side hustle, it’s my future.”

Nice that I got my mentors, the brilliant Kuval, Kevan and Savan Dattani brothers from Mo Bro’s Grooming photo next to mine.

#ebaydoers award for Babouche!

Amazing to think I had the idea 1 year ago today whilst on holiday in Marrakech. Can’t wait to see what the next 12 months brings to the business.

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