Getting started with the Swing Alignment Towel

Align the swing alignment towel between your feet and the ball, in the direction you wish to AIM your swing. The number side acts as your BALL TO TARGET LINE and the letter side acts as your BODY LINE. (reverse this is you are left handed). For shorter shots (e.g. chipping and putting) simply fold the towel over to the required width.

Now you can identify the STANCE WIDTH and BALL POSITION combination that provides you with the best strike, ball flight and consistency for each club and shot type. The letters represent your stance width, so if your left big toe is opposite E, then your right big toe should also be opposite E.

The number side represents ball position, with the + numbers being on the left of centre (forward in stance) and the – numbers being right of centre (back in stance). Once you have the correct stance width and ball position, the towel stripes will also help you align the CLUBFACE and SHAFT correctly.

Practice Tips With The Alignment Towel