10 life hacks every golfer should know

Golf is a complicated game, and at times an expensive way to spend a few glorious hours. Over the years I’ve picked up some tips that makes life as a golfer just a little bit easier. I hope you enjoy these 10 life hacks that every golfer should know, if you have any of your own, please feel free to tell us via the Comments section.

10 life hacks every golfer should know

1. I’m always finding golf balls when I play golf, but never use them on the course, but if i need a quick warm up, i can grab them from the bag and hit them on the range, no need to buy a bucket of 60 balls when 5 or 6 ‘foundlings’ will do.

2. On the par 3 holes, pick up someone else’s broken tee and use that instead of breaking your own tee.

3. Don’t just use one golf glove per round, change after every 5 or 6 holes, the gloves last a lot longer and you maintain a better grip through the whole round.

4. Keep your gloves in a ziplock bag, so if it rains, the ones in the bag stay dry until you need them. Keep your spares gloves in a ziplock bag when it’s really warm as well, this stops the leather from drying out and the glove going ‘crispy’.

5. When it rains, unclip your bag towel and clip to the frame inside your umbrella, the towel stays dry for longer and the weight of the towel stops your umbrella blowing away when you are taking a shot.

6. Use your pitch mark repairer to keep your grips dry when taking two clubs around the green.

7. If it’s raining, take your glove off between shots and keep it dry by ‘hooking’ it on to the umbrella frame using the velcro strap.

8. Wash the grips of your clubs in warm soapy water to improve the grippiness – especially important in the summer when your hands are sweaty and you could be transferring sun screen on to them.

9. If the chipping green is busy before your round, simply take your driver head cover and use it as a target on a quiet piece of the practice area.

10. You may have heard that you clean you irons in a bowl of coca cola to get them nice and shiny again – don’t!

If you want to add to the list of 10 life hacks that every golfer should know, please use the comments section. Looking forward to your great tips.

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