20 Golf Quiz Questions

20 great golf quiz questions

20 Golf Quiz Questions

It seems almost everyone is now either taking part in, or running, an online quiz with their socially distant friends and neighbours. I’ve been joining in with a bunch of golf mates too. Each week someone has to pick up the challenge of being quiz master and that means setting the questions.

That got me thinking, where do you even start to create a set of 60 or so questions that will keep your mates entertained? The stress of getting new questions is very real.

So, I thought I would share this list of 20 great golf quiz questions. I am assured that all the rules questions and answers are correct, please don’t hold me to it though!

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1 When is the only time you can hit a moving ball? When the ball is in water, but you must not delay your stroke hoping to improve your lie
2 If a water hazard (penalty area) has no stakes, which colour stake should be used?

A) Red

B) Yellow

3 My ball has come to rest against an Out of Bounds post, but is in bounds, what are my options?

Play the ball as it lies

Remove the post and play the ball

Take a free Drop


Play the ball as it lies. The white OOB posts are the only posts you cannot remove


4 When marking your ball, the ball marker should be placed behind the ball



False, the marker can be placed to the side, in front or behind as long as the ball is replaced in the exact same position.


5 Two golfers have been world number 1, without winning a major, who are they?


Lee Westwood and Luke Donald
6 What is the diameter of a golf hole?

A) 41/4 inches

B) 41/2 inches

C) 4 inches

D) 5 inches

4/14 inches
7 The Ryder cup is named after the Businessman Samuel Ryder; how did he make his money? He sold garden seeds, he came up with the idea of 1p bags of seeds
8 My ball comes to rest on some ice cubes near the clubhouse, but in bounds, do I get a free drop?



No, the ice is manufactured and as such you do not get relief
9 What are the main 5 areas of the golf course Bunkers, penalty areas, teeing ground, putting green and general area
10 I have broken my 7 iron after hitting a tree root, I want to replace it with an extra fairway wood, is this allowed?


Yes, it is allowed as long as I do not exceed the 14- club rule
11 It is now a rule to put a distinguishing mark on your golf ball


No not a rule, but common etiquette. this can cause problems, and any golf club would advise players to mark their golf ball.
12 Which TWO players have both won nine major championships, making them joint fourth in the all-time list behind Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen?


Ben Hogan & Gary Player
13 My partner addresses his golf ball on the tee, and as he takes his backswing his club head falls off, he completes his swing but misses the ball, is this counted as a stroke?



No, it is not, although had he started his downswing and the club head came off, then missed the ball it would count as a stroke.


14 A player gets ready to put on the green, the greenskeeper driving his tractor with the air- blower on to remove leaves, drives past the green and the rush of air moves the ball, what does the player do?

A) Replace the ball at its original position?

B) Play the ball from the new position?


He should replace the ball at its original position as this was not a natural gust of wind.


15 In the 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, which South African golfer became the first in history to record a sub 63 score in a major when he recorded an 8 below par 62?


Brandon Grace
16 In which year did Phil MIckelson win his first PGA Tour title at The Northern Telecom Open?

A) 1989

B) 1991

C) 1993

D) 1994




17 The modern game of golf originated in Scotland; can you name the century?


18 What is the oldest Links course in England?


Royal North Devon 1864


19 In a foursome match my partner and I decide to only take one set of clubs and share, our opposition objects saying we cannot share, are they correct?


No, they are not correct, we can share if we want to as it is a partnership, we must still observe the 14-club rule.


20 The back cover of the official rule book states

‘Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is _______’

what is the missing word?



I hope you find this list of golf quiz questions entertaining, challenging and useful.Let me know how you get on.

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