Customer Reviews at Babouche! Golf – how we do them at Babouche! Golf and why

I have recently started using an independent service called Feefo to collect customer reviews at Babouche! Golf. You can read the reviews here on the website. Just click on the Feefo button on the left side of the website, and on the product pages. I have also integrated the Feefo submitted reviews on to our Facebook page – just click on the ‘More’ tab and choose ‘Feefo Reviews’.


What I really like about this service is the transparency for you, the customer. This screenshot shows how the reviews are embedded right on to the product page. In this instance, the Pink Camo golf towel.
pink camo golf towel product review
The early results are fab. Thank you to all my customers who have provided feedback so far.
customer reviews at babouche! golf
I have chosen to work with an independent service for my customer reviews at Babouche! Golf for a couple of reasons:
Firstly, as a relatively new golf accessory business, it’s important that I build up trust with my potential customers. What I like about using Feefo is that you can only leave a review on Feefo if you are a customer (you will get an email invite from Feefo 4 days after you make a purchase) – this means that you can shop at Babouche! Golf knowing that the customer reviews are genuine.
The second reason is that I want to make sure that I am delivering great customer service and offering fantastic golf products. So it’s important to me to get constant feedback from my customers.
This is one of many measures that I’m taking in my quest to become the best British golf accessories brand on the market. I’ll keep on posting updates on what else I’m upto. And please get in touch if you have any questions, or suggestions.

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