cool golf carts

10 cool golf carts that make you want to drive off. Golf is really a walking game, but these golf carts will make any game more fun. I’ve been lucky to drive the #1 golf cart.

1. The Goodwood Woody Golf Cart

cool golf carts

I love the Goodwood Woody golf cart. The Goodwood Downs course is an amazing golf track, and playing there is even more enjoyable when you get to drive one of these stunning golf carts.

2. Red Ferrari Golf Cart

red ferrari golf cart

You could play a fast round with one of these! I wonder if Ian Poulter has one of the custom Ferrari golf carts in his car collection?

3. The General Lee Golf Cart

general lee golf cart

Bubba Watson bought the original General Lee car from The Dukes of Hazard after his 2012 Masters win. It cost him a cool $110,000 at auction. I think the golf cart version of the General Lee would have cost a lot less. Read all the way to the bottom of this blog post to view another famous custom golf cart that Bubba Watson owns!

4. The Hot Rod Golf Cart

hot rod golf cart - cool golf carts

I’m not sure what part of this hot rod golf cart is the coolest. Is it the wicked paint job, the street rod look or is it the solar panels on the roof to recharge the cart battery whilst you play?

5. Humvee Golf Cart

humvee golf cart

I’m surprised that this Humvee golf cart is painted in desert storm camouflage, but it still looks pretty cool with the all that chrome trim.

6. Dune Buggy Golf Cart

dune buggy golf cart

Admit it, we all have a golf buddy who really needs the off-road capabilities of this dune buggy golf cart so that they can get to their ever so slightly in the rough drive. FORE right!

7. The Big Rig Golf Cart

big rig golf cart - cool golf carts

If your four-ball each drove one of these big rig golf carts you could have yourselves a mighty convoy. (that dates me) I would love to get one of these, have it painted red and then slap a Royal Mail logo on and give it to Ian Poulter (that man again) because just the like the postman, he always delivers – little Ryder Cup humour there 😉

8. Dodge Viper Golf Cart

corvette golf cart

I’m not that knowledgable on American muscle cars, but i think this is supposed to be a Dodge Viper golf cart – nice bodywork, but shame about the colours.

9. Beetle Golf Cart

beetle golf cart

This iconic VW Beetle golf cart could only be improved if they swapped the British Racing Green (we have a matching dark green leather head cover) paint job for a total Herbie Love Bug golf cart theme.

10. Bentley Golf Cart

bentley golf cart

You too can cruise around like Floyd Mayweather does in his Bentley golf cart – but it will set you back the knock out price of $13,750 (see what I did there?). If you buy one these, then you need to buy some Bentley golf cubs to go with it.

I think you will agree that these are 10 cool golf carts but #11 is possibly the coolest golf cart of all?

11. Bubba Watson Golf Cart

You know he created a hovercraft golf cart, but did you know about the jet-pack golf cart?

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