golf towel drill

The golf towel drill is a really popular practice technique designed to synchronise your body and your arms.

Golfing legends from Ben Hogan to Sir Nick Faldo have used this technique to improve their striking technique. The key is not to hit a full shot on the range but limit your swing to about 60% – the golf towel drill is all about getting the feel, not about delivering extra distance etc – that comes later.

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Here is our resident golf pro Matt Williams with a simple video that demonstrate the golf towel drill.

The purpose of this drill is to get your body and your arms both equally involved in making the swing. If you swing more with your arms and have less rotation of the body, then this drill will quickly identify this. On your first swing, the towel will simply drop to the floor. This type of swing typically leads to a slice.

By practicing this drill, you should start to see a more consistent, straighter flight. Focus on keeping the towel tucked in on your leading armpit. That’s your left armpit if you are right handed. This makes it easier to swing on a neutral path – i.e. straighter shots with less side spin.

Follow this simple practice routine and you should find that your shots are straighter and more consistent.

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the golf towel drill


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