Funky golf towels to put some colour in your golf game

At Babouche! Golf we got bored of the same old golf towels, so we decided to launch our own range of funky golf towels. Just like with our Moroccan leather head covers and our patterned head covers we want to put some colour in to your golf game.

We had fun trying to decide what designs to choose to make up our first batch of funky golf towels – hopefully you will agree that we got it right. Our friends on Instagram and Facebook helped us pick the first designs – I hope you agree with their choice of funky golf towel designs. But if there is a design that you would like to see on a towel, why not leave a Comment below and we will see what we can do.

Our first 5 funky golf towels

Sugar Skulls golf towel

sugar skull funky golf towel

The Sugar Skulls golf towel will bring out the rebel in you on the golf course. We have taken our most popular head cover design and turned it into this stunning golf towel. It’s based on the Mexican Day of the Dead designs that have become so popular. Play with one of these on your bag and put the evil eye on your playing partners. BUY NOW

Grey Camouflage golf towel

grey camouflage funky golf towel

This grey camouflage golf towel really stands out from the crowd. Probably not want you want with camouflage but you know what we mean! It’s subtle and at the same time it lets you show off your streak of individuality. Just like an Audi A6 Quattro estate – looks safe and normal to the casual observer, but if you have one you know it’s special. BUY NOW

Pink Camouflage golf towel

pink camouflage funky golf towel

The Pink Camouflage golf towel is not for shrinking violets. I have no idea what purpose pink camouflage serves, other than it looks “absolutely fabulous dahling”. This towel probably looks best with a white or a dark golf bag, because if you have a pink golf bag, no one is going to know about your funky new golf towel. BUY NOW

Polka Dot golf towel

polka dot funky golf towel

This Polka Dot pattern is just so mesmerising. And the great thing is, with 10 different colours in the pattern, it’s going to match any golf outfit you can come up with! And the bonus of this towel is that if you need to relax and find your inner peace before you tee off, you can meditate by staring at the dot pattern – far out man! (PS we made that last bit up!) BUY NOW

Union Jack golf towel

union jack funky golf towel

I’m as patriotic as the next man, so I had to include this Union Jack design. I’m sure it’s going to be the first of a whole range of flag golf towels to be introduced over the coming months. If you want a different flag, please get in touch via the Comments section and we will create new flag golf towels as soon as we know people want them.


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2 thoughts on “Funky golf towels”

  1. Hi
    I´m interested in the head covers. Am I right in thinking that one size fits all, from driver to hybrids? Is there anywhere I can see reviews of these products? How much more would it be to have my initials put on them? I´m looking at buying 5.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Philip – the driver head cover works equally well on a driver and a 3 wood. We can make hybrid head covers to order, they are the same price.
      You can read reviews on our Facebook page:
      With regards to putting your initials on them, we can emboss or stitch your initials on to the head covers. Stitching would be £5 per head cover and gives you a greater choice of letter styles, colour and size. Embossing is also £5 per head cover, but the characters are only about 1cm in height. Any more questions, please email me @ david @ davidlong dot co dot uk

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