golf club yardage chart golf club gapping chart

Club Yardage Chart

Gapping Chart We created the Club Yardage Chart as an easy to use golf club gapping chart accessory to go along with our revolutionary Swing Alignment Towel. The scorecard styled golf club gapping chart fits neatly in your scorecard holder… Read More

striped can head cover

How We Began Making Striped Can Head Covers

Our Start-up Story: How We Began Making Striped Can Head Covers The Can head cover is our original shape. I love the timeless appeal of the simple shape. Plus, as we were new to making head covers, it is a… Read More

Golf terminology

Adolf Hitler – two shots in the bunker Arthur Scargill – good strike, shame about the result blondie- fair crack down the middle Brazilian – Just shaved the hole Condom – safe but didn’t feel real good Cuban – needs… Read More

Customer Reviews at Babouche! Golf

Customer Reviews at Babouche! Golf – how we do them at Babouche! Golf and why I have recently started using an independent service called Feefo to collect customer reviews at Babouche! Golf. You can read the reviews here on the… Read More

20 Golf Quiz Questions

20 great golf quiz questions

20 great golf quiz questions It seems almost everyone is now either taking part in, or running, an online quiz with their socially distant friends and neighbours. I’ve been joining in with a bunch of golf mates too. Each week… Read More

10 life hacks every golfer should know

10 life hacks every golfer should know Golf is a complicated game, and at times an expensive way to spend a few glorious hours. Over the years I’ve picked up some tips that makes life as a golfer just a… Read More

Eight Funny Masters Quotes

It’s Masters Week – a tournament loved by all golfers in the northern hemisphere as it signals the start of warm and dry golfing weather! I’ve put together a list of 8 great funny Masters quotes from some famous and… Read More

10 golf things to look forward to in 2020

Golf in 2020 is looking really exciting. There is so much going on: the majors; it’s an Olympics year; it’s Ryder Cup year and then there is all the important stuff around my own game and the ongoing development of… Read More