putting speed drill

This simple putting speed drill can be used to help you improve your green speed and putt distance control.

Place the towel at a good distance from where you are on the putting green. Now try and get 3 or 4 balls to all stop on the towel – this is like aiming for the proverbial bin-lid that everyone talks about.

You can test your speed reading skill, and accuracy by adding up your score. Whichever stripe the ball finishes on, that is the score for that ball.

If the ball is short of the towel add 20 points to your total and if the ball stops beyond the towel, add 10 points to your total. You score more points if the putt is short, because it never had a chance to get to the hole – remember the old saying “Never up, never in”.

After the first round of putts, try again, and see if you can reduce your score.

Once you have tried on a relatively flat part of the practice green, you can start to mix it up by moving the towel to the top off, or bottom of a slope. You can try uphill and downhill putts and even putts across the slope of the green.

This putting speed drill also works really well on the chipping green, where you swap your putter for your favourite wedge.

Follow this simple putting speed drill and you should start reducing your 3 putts.

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